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Turning off App’s Notifications in Windows 10

By Vivek Nayyar

Posted in Windows-10

Windows 10 has many built-in apps and there are many others that you would install after installing the operating system on your PC. Most of the apps continuously display the notifications on your computer screen every time an event or action takes place in which those apps are involved.

Although such notifications are important for the users and Windows 10 displays them in order to keep the users notified about the activities that are going on many times you may get annoyed with the bombarding of the notifications and want to disable them temporarily or permanently.

Windows 10 allows you to get this done and you must follow the steps given below to complete the process:

  1. Sign-in to your Windows 10 computer on which you want to disable the notifications that are annoying you.
  2. From the desktop screen click the Start button.
  3. From the left pane of the Start menu that comes up click Settings.


  1. Click System from the opened SETTINGS window.


  1. From the left pane of the opened SYSTEM window click Notifications & actions.


  1. From the right pane from under the Notifications section slide the Show app notifications button to the left to turn off the notifications.


  1. Optionally you can also turn off other notifications and alarms by sliding their corresponding buttons to the left as well.


  1. Close the SYSTEM window when done.

Note: You can re-enable the notifications by following the steps given above and sliding the corresponding buttons to the right.